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Chalazion Incision & Drainage

The appearance of red, swollen bumps on the eyelids can cause significant physical and emotional distress. Medically known as a chalazion, these swollen lumps are usually caused by oil accumulation in the eyelids. Dr. Abbott performs a simple incision and drainage to correct the problem and restore optimal eye health.

What is Chalazion?

A chalazion is a small, painless lump on the eyelid caused by the inflammation of an oil gland. Generally, chalazion forms when the oil-producing glands on the eyelid become clogged, and the body’s natural response is to create a lump filled with a white fatty substance. A chalazion can be uncomfortable and cause pain, redness, and swelling. Sometimes, a chalazion can improve with warm compresses and antibiotics, but if that doesn’t work, a surgical incision and drainage is necessary.

Symptoms of Chalazion:

  • Small, painless lump on the eyelid
  • Redness, swelling, irritation, tenderness
  • Irritation or pain around the eye
  • Visible lump on the eyelid
  • Blurred vision

What Causes Chalazion?

A chalazion is a small, painless lump on the eyelid caused by blocked oil glands. These lumps are usually caused by inflammation or infection of the oil glands located near the surface of the eyelids, and due to the body’s poor immune response to the infection, the inflammation persists, creating the lump. In most cases, chalazia result from a bacterial or viral infection, trauma to the eyelid, or an underlying disease, such as rosacea or blepharitis.

Chalazion Incision & Drainage

Dr. Abbott performs a chalazion incision and drainage at her accredited surgical facility under local anesthesia. After administering the numbing medicine, she places a special clamp on the eyelid to isolate the chalazion. The chalazion clamp is a unique surgical device that isolates the lump and stabilizes the eye to reduce bleeding. After isolating the lump, the surgeon makes an incision and scoops out the insides, following which an ointment is applied.

The Chalazion Surgery Recovery

Recovering from a chalazion surgery is generally quite straightforward. After the procedure, some swelling and irritation around the eye may occur, along with general discomfort. To ensure a speedy recovery, take any prescribed medication, keep your eye clean, and wear protective sunglasses when outside. There is no real downtime associated with the procedure — you can return to normal activities after one or two days. However, you must avoid wearing contact lenses for a few days.

Contact Dr. Abbott

Dr. Meredith Abbott is a Board-Certified Ophthalmologist specializing in the most up-to-date reconstructive procedures, including chalazion incision and drainage. She carefully examines your eyelids, administers tests, and evaluates the root cause of your condition to curate a personalized treatment plan. She believes your treatment should be comfortable, stress-free, and relaxing, so every aspect of the treatment is designed to soothe and relax. If you have signs and symptoms of a chalazion, please schedule an appointment today.

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