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Dr. Meredith Abbott, MD

Dr. Meredith Abbott founded Abbott Aesthetics in 2022 to help her clients achieve elevated aesthetic health in a comfortable, luxurious setting. As a fellowship trained, Board-Certified Ophthalmologist, Dr. Abbott offers a comprehensive suite of surgical and non-surgical aesthetic treatments that enhance your natural beauty, guiding you on a sustainable path toward optimal wellness.

Meet Dr. Abbott

Dr. Abbott spent 10 years at a group Oculofacial plastic surgery practice where she was a partner, following which she founded her own boutique practice. The decision to establish a smaller, concierge practice came from the belief that her clients deserve to undergo cutting-edge medical aesthetic treatments in the comfort and luxury of a spa-like environment while receiving the highest level of care and customer service — that’s her guiding philosophy.

Credentials & Expertise

Dr. Meredith Abbott is a Board-Certified Ophthalmologist with advanced fellowship training in Oculofacial plastic surgery. Her expertise ranges from functional and cosmetic upper and lower eyelid surgery, treatment of skin cancers of the eyelid and surrounding areas, problems of the lacrimal system (tear duct), and orbital diseases, including orbital tumors and thyroid eye disease. Additionally, Dr. Abbott offers nonsurgical methods to rejuvenate and revitalize the eyelids, reversing the signs of aging with laser and light treatments, microneedling, and injectables to optimize your surgical results or to help our nonsurgical patients achieve a nice, healthy glow.

Enhance, Not Distort

Dr. Meredith Abbott is a renowned Oculofacial plastic surgeon known for her unique treatment philosophy: to maintain, enhance and complement her patients’ natural features. She believes that beauty is not about changing the patient to fit a certain standard, but rather using both surgical and non-surgical interventions to allow the patient to become the best version of themselves. Dr. Abbott is committed to helping each patient reach their desired look through natural-looking results that don’t distort their existing features.

Luxury, Concierge Service

Dr. Abbott goes above and beyond the typical doctor’s office atmosphere. From the comfortable waiting room to the specialized treatments to the attention to detail given to each patient, Dr. Abbott’s office provides a relaxing, luxurious concierge experience. Dr. Abbott firmly believes that aesthetic treatments should be a comfortable, relaxing journey; every treatment process is designed with that philosophy in mind.

Contact Dr. Abbott

Dr. Abbott’s approachable bedside manner, exceptional communication, and passion for health and beauty have made her a trusted partner for her patients and referring doctors across North Texas. Dr. Abbott is excited to create a practice where she can combine her unparalleled surgical experience with additional aesthetic medical procedures. This unique approach will ensure patients receive experienced, compassionate medical care in a welcoming boutique environment.

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