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Laser Hair Reduction

Most people rely on shaving and waxing to eliminate unwanted hair from the face and body. Abbott Aesthetics has a better solution — we use cutting-edge laser devices to zap away unwanted hair and help you achieve smooth, hair-free skin.

Remove Unwanted Hair: No Shaving, No Waxing

Are you tired of the regular hassle of shaving and waxing to remove unwanted hair? Shaving might be simple and painless, but your hair grows out again within a few days. Waxing is more permanent, but you still need to schedule weekly or monthly visits to the salon. Furthermore, these hair reduction methods can also lead to razor burns, nicks, and cuts. Laser hair reduction is an appropriate hair reduction alternative for those who want silky smooth, hair-free skin for life.

What is Laser Hair Reduction?

Laser hair reduction is a safe and effective way to remove unwanted facial and body hair. It works by using highly concentrated light energy to penetrate the hair follicles, effectively disabling them and drastically reducing the amount of hair growth in the area. The laser precisely targets the pigments that make up the hair, leaving the surrounding skin unharmed, making it a gentle and reliable method of getting rid of unwanted hair. Laser hair reduction is suitable for patients seeking a longer-lasting solution to unwanted hair.

The Laser Hair Reduction Process

Laser hair reduction is a safe and effective way of reducing unwanted hair. During a laser hair reduction session, the laser is placed over the designated treatment area, and the laser energy is gently passed over the skin to target the hair follicles. The hair follicles are destroyed, thus reducing the chances of future hair growth. Depending on the area treated, the session should conclude within 30 minutes, and you may feel a slight heating sensation.

The Laser Hair Reduction Recovery

After the procedure, some patients may experience temporary side effects such as redness, swelling, and tenderness of the treatment area. It is important to avoid direct sun exposure and apply cold packs to reduce inflammation immediately after treatment. There’s no downtime after laser hair reduction, so you can resume daily activities immediately.

Benefits of Laser Hair Reduction:

  • Completely non-invasive treatment
  • No risk of razor burns or nicks/cuts
  • More permanent than shaving and waxing
  • Destroys unwanted hair follicles
  • Helps you achieve smooth, hair-free skin
  • Minimal post-treatment side effects
  • Resume daily activities and work immediately

Laser Hair Reduction FAQs

How should I prepare for my laser hair reduction session?

Before your appointment, shave the area where the laser will be applied. You should also avoid tanning and sun exposure in the area before your session, as skin tone can affect the effectiveness of the laser. Last but not least, avoid using any creams, lotions, or oils on the area of treatment before your session

What are my aftercare instructions?

For starters, avoid any direct sun exposure for the first 24 hours. Wear protective clothing, such as hats and long-sleeved shirts, to prevent the treated area from getting too much sun. Keep the area clean, avoid rubbing or scratching the treated area, and use a gentle cleanser or moisturizer.

How many sessions will I need?

You may need 6 to 8 sessions spaced 4 to 8 weeks apart for optimal results. You need multiple treatments because the laser energy only targets hairs that are actively growing, and most hairs are in a resting phase. When you space the treatments a few weeks apart, you can target these resting hairs as they enter the active growth phase.

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At Abbott Aesthetics, we use the latest laser technology to ensure safety and precision while providing long-lasting results. Our team of experienced, professional practitioners ensures you have a relaxing, comfortable experience with minimal discomfort. We also calibrate the treatment according to your skin type and hair color to ensure optimal results. Please schedule an appointment to learn more.

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